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As both an artistic soul and a natural homemaker, Alison found her passion in residential interior design. Here, she can help people create the home of their dreams while nurturing her creative spirit.  


From a young age, Alison has loved making things beautiful and would spend hours in her room dreaming up cool rooms and creating a never ending stream of art projects. Not realizing that interior design was a career option, she spent several years in corporate America in jobs that stifled her creativity.  She would take art classes, watch HGTV and read every design magazine as a way to fill this void and was frustrated when nothing worked.  In 2007, she impulsively quit her job and enrolled at Harrington College of Design. She graduated in 2009 with highest honors.  After two years working in prestigious Chicago firms, Alison started her own firm and has never looked back!


Alison strongly believes that home is the most important place on earth and therefore your home should be the place that meets your wants and needs, not hers.  She works collaboratively with each client to ensure that everything is done according to their style, timeline and budget. She is respectful of the architecture of a home and honors each individual space's history, whether a home built in the early 1900s or a new construction. 

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